6 Top Countertop Ice Maker Selections

Have you ever thrown a party and discovered you have run out of ice for the cocktails? Do not let that happen again. Ice cube trays are practical but they’re quite limited, and they’re good for a few servings only. If you’re the type who loves having friends over for a tipple, consider investing in quality ice makers today. These innovations are portable, saves you time and effort and the machines assure that you will never run out of frozen bits again in the middle of a raging party.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of an ice maker?

    Answer: Ice makers are a convenient method of preparing a sufficient amount of ice for home and commercial purposes. Portable ice makers are travel-friendly and are great for smaller kitchens, recreational vans and motor homes. Commercial ones are designed to accommodate a bigger amount of ice on a daily basis—they can generate up to 300 lbs. of ice each day. These machines can also churn out ice rapidly and incessantly so restaurants and bars will have a non-stop supply of unsoiled, fresh ice.

  2. What are the two types of ice makers?

    Answer: There are two common kinds of ice makers; countertop and undercounter. Countertop ice makers are great for light use. Their size also makes them ideal for smaller kitchens. They feature a portable build so they are designed to freeze water without connecting to any drain or water line. The tanks of these devices require topping up manually to generate ice continuously. They do not have a cold storage bin as well. Undercounter ice makers meanwhile are automatic machines thus they can generate ice until its bin is filled. They are more expensive compared to countertop models but they do offer better production capacity. These devices also feature large storage bins to store ice.

  3. What factors should I consider when buying ice makers?

    Answer: Consider the size you need—ice makers are available in a good range of sizes. There are portable countertop models and undercounter models which are built for producing bigger capacities. Check the size of your kitchen and see which type of ice maker best fits the area. Consider the frequency of use as well—how often do you intend to use the ice maker? In addition, do not forget how fast you want your ice produced. You also need to consider if the device has enough storage space for ice specifically if you intend to buy an ice maker for parties and gatherings. Purchase a device with a bigger storage capacity if you intend to use it for special events.

Our Top Picks


hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

  • Produces bullet-shaped ice
  • Generates up to 26 lbs. ice a day
  • Ice ready in 6-8 minutes
  • Energy-efficient model

The hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine is the countertop type, has a contemporary design and it measures 12.9 x 9.5 inches with an overall weight of 19.3 lbs. It can churn out a pound of ice every hour which is sufficient for 2 to three regular-size beverages. The unit features a bigger storage bin which can accommodate 1.5 lbs. of ice at a time and once it’s filled up, the ice maker then gives a notification and switches the device off automatically to stop it from running over with the stuff. This ETL-certified unit has an energy-saving compressor cooling system and features a high-speed, low noise exhaust fan which drives heat away from its coils.


IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

  • Provides up within 6 minutes
  • 2-liter water reservoir
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Smart ice maker with indicator

The IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine is an ETL and FDA-certified device, designed to provide ice ranging from small to bigger bullet ice sizes. It features a LED light, provides alerts whenever the water supply gets low and comes with an automatic standby feature too. The unit comes with a transparent window so you can easily check what’s going on without unlocking the unit. This ice maker can generate up to 26 lbs. of ice a day. For better and more efficient insulation, it has denser PU foam layer. Package includes a BPA-free plastic scoop.


Frigidaire EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Ice Maker

  • Portable, compact design
  • Generates up to 26 lbs. ice per day
  • Includes user-friendly LED control panel
  • Won’t need installation

The EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Ice Maker from Frigidaire is another ETL-certified device which produces ice with 2 size options (small/medium). The build of this one is quite reliable and sturdy, lightweight and portable enough for travel and smaller kitchens. It can contain 2.2. liters of water and accommodate 1.2 lbs. of ice at a time. It’s quite simple to use—it has a backlit LED control panel with the power buttons on it plus the button for ice size. The panel also comes with warning lights whenever the tank is drained or the bin is full. Great for preparing fast ice supplies.



  • Compact, portable design
  • High-powered compressor
  • 9 corrosion-resistant condenser
  • 2.2L water tank

The COSTWAY Ice Maker is a budget-friendly pick and designed to create ice with 2 different sizes. It features indicators which signifies users whenever its bin is full or the device is running low on water. It’s very user-friendly due to the control panel included. The unit comes with a transparent window too so you can easily check out the progress of your ice-making procedures. It operates with a low amount of noise and it’s a nice eco-friendly unit too since it makes use of a high-power compressor for rapid ice-making.


NewAir Portable Ice Maker

  • 7-minute operating cycle
  • Produces up to 50 lbs. ice a day
  • Won’t require installation
  • Includes indicator lights

The NewAir Portable Ice Maker may be small but it sure packs a punch when it comes to producing ice. It can generate up to 50 lbs. of ice per day. Within 13 minutes, it can churn out 12 pieces of the stuff too. Due to its quick operations, this ice maker is good to have on hand while tending small, intimate parties or cocktail hour with a few friends. The device presents 3 different size ices and it also features an 18-hour timer so you can produce ice according to your preferred schedule.


Magic Chef 27-Lb. Portable Red Countertop Ice Maker

  • Creates ice within 7 minutes
  • Produces 9 ice cubes per cycle
  • 2 ice cube sizes
  • Has exterior drain

The Magic Chef 27-Lb. Portable Red Countertop Ice Maker is one convenient device for refreshing beverages. It’s engineered to produce up to 27 lbs. of ice a day and offers two ice sizes. The device is also equipped with a clear window so you can breeze through and see the progress of the ice for tonight’s party. In addition, the unit is designed in a manner that whenever the water drains to ice maker’s reservoir, it will be frozen for use once more. In case you don’t really need the extra ice, you can just drain it. The device also features a detachable ice basket and scoop for easier retrieval of completed ice cubes.

No need to rely on your ice cube trays while throwing parties; you can always trust a fast-acting ice maker to take care of your solid ice needs. Check out our list of the best countertop models for quick, convenient ice production.