The Best Immersion Blenders You Should Get Into

According to the RentCafe blog, crowded cities like Santa Ana in Orange Country, California are full of residents who thrive in apartments with limited space. Whenever space is a premium, you have to make do with versatile, space-friendly appliances and electronic devices to accomplish specific tasks. The task of cooking and creating beverages like shakes and smoothies for example requires a few essential equipment and devices.

If your kitchen counter cannot accommodate a full-size blender, you can always opt for handheld ones, thankfully. The immersion blender is here to help you create wholesome blended beverages plus a bevy of other concoctions too. Here are the essentials on immersion blenders.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an immersion blender exactly?

    Answer: The immersion blender, also known as the wand or stick blender, is designed to handle the work of several kitchen equipment. It can perform the functions of countertop blenders, hand mixers and food processors. The immersion blender can mix, puree, liquefy, grind, emulsify, mince, aerate, chop and whip various food ingredients.

  2. What are the advantages if using an immersion blender?

    Answer: The use of immersion blenders leads to blended dishes with a smoother, creamier, more even consistency. This is because you get to put the device all the way into the mix for the best blending results. Putting it in the bottom of the mix also prevent excessive spattering during the blending process. Because it’s a handheld device, immersion blenders feature a compact, lightweight and portable form too so it will not demand plenty of space on your kitchen counter or cabinet. Also, unlike blenders and food processors which can emit noise during use, immersion blenders are quiet because its motor is placed in a sturdy, plastic casing. In addition, they are easy to care for and maintain since immersion blenders are made up of only a few components, most of them removable.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing an immersion blender?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to consider the design of the unit—since these are handheld devices, they should be compact, easy to store and portable. Check the size of the blender head as well—this will depend on whether you plan on using the device for big batches of dishes or for smaller-cup smoothies. Settle whether you want a corded or cordless model—cordless ones are convenient to use however it needs a charge every now and then. The power of the device will also depend on where you want to use the device—immersion blenders feature motors with 200 to 1000W. lastly, consider whether you want additional accessories—get them in case you want to accomplish more food prep methods.

Our Top Picks


Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 9-Speed Immersion Blender

  • 500W motor
  • Has non-slip ergonomic grip
  • With full copper motor
  • Includes S-shaped stainless steel fixed blade

The Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500W 9-Speed Immersion Blender gets its power from its 500W motor and exceptional, versatile detachable blending arm with an S-shaped, stainless steel fixed blade. The blade allows flawless mixing and mashing of ingredients for purees, shakes, smoothies, soups, sauces and baby food. It also comes with an extra—a high-quality whisk attachment. The hardworking multipurpose wand blender also does cocktails, whips cream and beats eggs without any fuss.


Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick

  • 200W motor
  • Offers 2 speeds
  • Has ergonomic grip
  • With one-touch control

The Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick will make you forgo the addition of larger, cumbersome kitchen appliances since this one can accommodate a host of food prep tasks. This trusty stick blender capably takes on methods like pureeing, blending, mixing and chopping, all in one nifty handheld device. It uses a 200W motor and offers two speeds to tackle the ingredients of the day. Since it’s built like a stick, it can reach deep into most pitchers and bowls for a thorough blend—all that without the mess and effort. Better control is achieved too thanks to the ergonomic comfort grip.


KitchenAid KHB1231LR 2-Speed Hand Blender

  • Has removable 8-inch blending arm
  • With S-shaped stainless steel fixed blade
  • Includes soft grip handle
  • Offers 2 speed settings

The KitchenAid KHB1231LR 2-Speed Hand Blender is one straightforward device—you choose the speed you want to use, switch it on and use on your intended recipe. This model features a detachable blending arm with an S-shaped stainless steel fixed blade—the sharpness and speed of the blade allows quick and effortless blending of food ingredients and substances. Fix whatever blended beverage or dish you want, whether a protein shake, puree, mashed potatoes, even cocktails and baby food. Very easy to grip and control due to ergonomics. A breeze to clean up because of its removable blending arm.


Ovente Immersion Electric Hand Blender

  • 300W motor
  • Offers 2 blending speeds
  • Ergonomic, sleek design
  • With 304-grade stainless steel shaft

The Ovente Immersion Electric Hand Blender succeeds in creating a productive and long-lasting want blender. It’s easy to use, has a powerful motor at 300W and offers two blending speeds so you can get the consistency that you need. Its form is durable, ergonomic yet sleek, constructed with a 304-grade stainless steel shaft and a head that can get into nearly all mixing bowls, pots and pitchers. The unit is a breeze to clean as well since the shaft it comes with is dishwasher-safe and all components are detachable. Great for smoothies, shakes, baby food, dressings and the like.


All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Immersion Blender

  • Offers variable speed options
  • Cordless device
  • With dishwasher-safe blade and shaft
  • Durable built

The All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Immersion Blender is a good one for making larger batches of beverages and other blended recipes. It comes with a motor that works with five variable speed options for a customized blend. It also includes several extras so you can use the device for various food prep tasks. The unit is also easy to clean up and care for since the shaft is removable and both the blade and shaft are dishwasher-safe. The wider number of speed options allows users to further get the consistency they want too—it’s the product’s primary advantage.


Waring WSB33X Light-Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender

  • 100W motor
  • With 2 speed options
  • Easy to use
  • Has multifunctional stainless steel blade

The Waring WSB33X Light-Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender is able enough to accommodate creating a big batch of smoothies or soups care of its 100W motor and 2 speed offerings. This is actually meant for commercial use however due to its compact and portable size, who don’t mind having this one in our kitchens too. It’s lightweight so using this for blending is comfortable and it will not put lots of pressure on your wrist. It offers two speeds so you can manage the consistency that you are after. The power of this device allows it to tackle a good range of blended beverages and dishes from shakes, purees, soups down to cocktails.

Technology has been good to people who love to cook—it provided a good range of kitchen devices that are multipurpose. The immersion blender is one example and a purchase of this hardworking high-tech unit means savings on a few standard kitchen appliances, faster and more convenient work, and better results.