Here are Some of the Best Ice Cream Containers You Can Trust

Ice cream will always be a part of every kitchen in America—it’s mighty tasty, it refreshes on a hot day, it’s creamy and it whets your cravings for sweets quickly. However, not all of us can finish a gallon or pint of the stuff in one go—to guarantee freshness, it is best that you transfer the stuff to packages that will help retain its quality for a longer period of time. The answer for this of course are not the box or tub that the ice cream comes with it—proper ice cream containers are always best. We have some of the best selections.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why use ice cream containers?

    Answer: Whether you want to keep homemade or store-bought ice cream, you need to stash the stuff in containers with an air-tight built. The best ice cream containers are also made to endure extreme freezer temperatures and feature a stackable design for hassle-storage. You also need the container to be air-tight so odors inside the freezer will not affect and ruin the quality of the ice cream.

  2. What factors should I consider when choosing ice cream containers?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to consider the capacity that you need—ice cream containers vary in terms of capacity from a quart to 6 oz. You also need to check the shape of the container—there are containers with a narrow built while some feature stackable structures. Ice cream containers are already freezer-safe but if you want more versatile containers, you can also look for units that are microwave-safe so you can store a good variety of food items in it. Ice cream containers are also great for storing other frozen desserts like gelato or froyo and food items like baby food, leftover soup, snacks and more. For easier cleanups, check the container if it’s dishwasher-safe.

  3. Any tips for storing ice cream properly?

    Answer: Do not store ice cream close to the freezer door since this part experiences constant temperature change—put the containers as far back into the freezer, as possible as you can. Make sure that the door of the freezer is closed whenever possible to avoid shifts in its temperature.

Our Top Picks


BALCI Premium Ice Cream Containers (2 Pack)

  • 1-quart containers
  • Durable reusable containers
  • Made from high-quality BPA-free materials
  • Has tight, secure sealing lids

The BALCI Premium Ice Cream Containers is a set that features 2 containers each bearing a capacity of 1 quart. The containers are made of premium BPA-free material made to accommodate a good range of food items whether frozen desserts like ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt or leftover foods from soups down to pureed fruits or vegetables. To stop freezer burn, the containers also feature secure, tight-sealing lids. The set of containers are also easy to clean—rinse well with water then pop them in the dishwasher.


StarPack Home Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers (2 Pack)

  • 1-quart containers
  • Strong, reusable ice cream containers
  • Made of BPA-free, high-quality polypropylene
  • With stackable design

The StarPack Home Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers includes two containers crafted from first-rate, durable polypropylene supplemented with tight-fitting lids to stop leaks and odors from seeping in. Another highlight of this set is its stackable design—this means you can put the containers on top of one another to save space in the freezer. Cleaning the containers is also made simpler since it’s made from material that is dishwasher-safe. The design is seamless and it has no crevices or gaps where food can get caught—this means no bacterial buildup will happen.


Tovolo Tight-Fitting, Stack-Friendly, Sweet Treat Ice Cream Tub

  • 1-quart container
  • Features tight-fitting silicone lid
  • Has stackable design
  • Great for ice cream, gelato, sorbet

The Tovolo Sweet Treat Ice Cream Tub makes storing leftover ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, gelato and frozen yogurt simpler and safer. This one is made from freezer-safe, sturdy material with a tight-fitting silicone lid that helps prevent freezer burn. The tight silicone lid also prevents odors from creeping inside the tub and ruining the ice cream’s flavor and quality. Since the silicone lid is flexible, taking this component away is easy as pie too—even with continuous freezer use, the silicone lid will not crack nor get brittle. The container has a stackable design as well for storage that saves space.


LIN Ice Cream Storage Tubs with Lids (4 Pack)

  • 1-quart containers
  • Practical fuss-free design and size
  • Durable polypropylene without BPA
  • Has silicone lids

The LIN Ice Cream Storage Tubs with Lids is a set that comes with 4 containers bearing a capacity of 1 quart each. They’re all made from high-quality, sturdy polypropylene material with secure, tight-fitting silicone lids. The lids were also designed to prevent frozen storage issues like freezer burn and spillage. The stackable design also makes this simple to store inside a limited space—put the containers on top of one another to maximize room. Great for storing other food items too from leftovers down to baby food.


SUMO Homemade Ice Cream Round Containers

  • High-quality BPA-free materials
  • Sturdy, reusable containers
  • Stackable design
  • Dishwasher-safe

The SUMO Homemade Ice Cream Round Containers has features that make them a worthy addition in your own kitchen storage collection. The containers are crafted from quality materials without harmful BPA elements, have a stackable design and feature a sturdy, durable built. Another highlight of these containers is that they are designed with anti-slip grips—these containers will remain in place once set inside the fridge. Very easy to clean and maintain since they can be spruced up in the dishwasher.


DREC Ice Cream Containers Large (4 Pack)

  • 1-quart containers
  • Sturdy, reusable containers
  • Features tight-fitting silicone lids
  • Stackable design

The DREC Ice Cream Containers Large is the bundle to go if you want a strong set of ice cream containers which can effectively prevent freezer burn and spillage on your ice cream or leftovers. All containers are made from quality materials that are completely free from BPA plus it secures well by means of its tight-fitting silicone lids. The containers have a stackable design so you can save space inside the freezer for other kitchen essentials. The set also includes an ice cream scoop. Very easy to clean since it’s top-rack dishwasher-safe.

Enjoy your ice cream the next day without the nasty flavors—store them instead in proper ice cream containers like the ones in this list. Ice cream containers were made to be freezer-safe, prevent spills and freezer burn and they can also serve as containers for other types of food.